Mophine (MOP) Rapid Test Cassette

The MOP rapid Test is a rapid screening test that can be performed with the use of the LF Reader. The test utilizes a monoclonal antibody to selectively detect elevated levels of Mophine in specimen.

Product Features

Fast (5 minutes)

Simple Operation (Less Training Required)

Objective (Results Read by Analyzer)

High Accuracy

Product Specification

  • PrincipleChromatographic Immunoassay
  • FormatCassette
  • SpecimenUrine
  • CertificateCE
  • Reading Time5 minutes
  • Pack40T
  • Storage Temperature2-30°C
  • Shelf Life2 Years
  • Sensitivity95.0%
  • Specificity95.3%
  • Accuracy95.2%
  • Cut-Off300 ng/mL

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Specimen Pack Cut-Off
DMO-R102 Morphine (MOP) Rapid Test Cassette Urine 40T 300 ng/mL

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