Anti-mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test Kit (CLIA)

The Anti-mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test Kit (CLIA) is intended for quantitative determination of Anti-mullerian Hormone (AMH) in human serum and plasma, used to evaluate ovarian function with other clinical and experimental results.

Product Features

Extraordinary Sensitivity

High Accuracy

Good Specificity

Wide Dynamic Range

Extensive Range of Applications

Product Specification

  • PrincipleDouble Antibody Sandwich Method
  • FormatStrip
  • SpecimenS/P
  • CertificateCE
  • Pack40T
  • Storage Temperature2-8℃
  • Shelf Life2 Years
  • Cut-Off0.02-23 ng/mL

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Specimen Pack Cut-Off
CI-AMH Anti-mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test Kit (CLIA) S/P 40T 0.02-23 ng/mL

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