Fentanyl (FYL) Rapid Test (Urine) 1ng/mL

The Fentanyl Rapid Test (Urine) is an immunoassay intended for the qualitative detection of fentanyl in human urine at a cutoff concentration of 1.0 ng/mL. This in vitro diagnostic device is for prescription use only.

Product Features

High Accuracy

Easy Specimen Collection

Fast Results in 5 Minutes

Convenient Procedure

Easy Visual Interpratation

Lower Cut-off (1ng/ml)

Product Specification

  • PrincipleChromatographic Immunoassay
  • FormatCassette
  • SpecimenUrine
  • CertificateFDA OTC
  • Reading Time5 minutes
  • Pack1T/25 T
  • Storage Temperature2-30°C
  • Shelf Life2 Years
  • Sensitivitysee package insert
  • Specificitysee package insert
  • Accuracysee package insert
  • Cut-Off1ng/mL

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Specimen Pack Cut-Off
DFY-A102H Fentanyl (FYL) Rapid Test Cassette (self-testing) Urine 1 T 1ng/mL
DFY-A102 Fentanyl (FYL) Rapid Test Cassette Urine 25 T 1ng/mL

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