Happy Ending in Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2022

Happy Ending in Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2022


Asia Health 2022 will be welcoming world-class suppliers and industry leaders In-person as well as top-of-the-line buyers in the healthcare sector to explore the APAC market.   


ALLTEST are honored to be invited as one of the exhibitors and we also gain a lot unforgettable experiences.


During the three-day exhibition, our booth attracted many exhibitors and visitors, and the staff always communicated and explained with full enthusiasm to the visitors. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits were also presented in the best way with the wonderful explanation and demonstration by the staff. After the professional visitors and exhibitors had a certain understanding of the products, they all showed strong intention to cooperate.


After this exhibition, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd. team gained valuable opinions from visitors when they tried out our products and novel views from discussing the planning layout of the IVD industry with peers. This not only provided new inspiration for future products but also cleared obstacles for the company's development path.








We are looking forward to the November trip to Germany. Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd. team will continue to be active on the platforms of major medical exhibitions around the world so that our excellent rapid-testing brands could be seen by more people.

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