Monkeypox Virus Detection qPCR Kit

The Monkeypox Virus Detection qPCR Kit is a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test intended for the qualitative detection of extracellular-envelope protein gene of the monkeypox virus in Whole Blood or Serum or Plasma or rash exudate or throat swabs as an aid for the diagnosis of monkeypox virus infection.

Product Features

High Accuracy

Convenient Operation


ABI 7500 PCR and Real-time PCR instrument with FAM, TEXAS RED/ROX, HEX/VIC and CY5 channels Instruments.


PCR Reaction Solution       750 μL*1 tube

Primer Probe Mixture          250 μL*1 tube

Positive Control                   250 μL*1 tube

Negative Control                  250 μL*1 tube

Package insert                         1


PCR Reaction Solution     750 μL*2 tubes

Primer Probe Mixture         500 μL*1 tube

Positive Control                  500 μL*1 tube

Negative Control                 500 μL*1 tube

Package insert                         1

Product Specification

  • PrincipleMultiplex PCR Fluorescent Probe Method
  • FormatTube
  • SpecimenWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma/rash exudate/throat swabs
  • CertificateCE
  • Reading Time1 hour
  • Pack50T /100T
  • Storage Temperature-30~15°C
  • Shelf Life6 Months
  • Cut-Off200 copies/mL

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Specimen Pack Cut-Off
IMX-P40 Monkeypox Virus Detection qPCR Kit Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma/rash exudate/throat swabs 50T/100T 200 copies/mL

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