AllTest Tropical Disease Training Program

In support of the Foreign Aid Training Project, as well as the advancement of medical technologies in developing countries, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd recently welcomed a visiting study group composed of clinical physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals from developing countries.


In the morning, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd hosted a warm welcome ceremony for the visiting study group and led them on a tour of the company's product exhibition hall and production workshop. During the tour, the company provided detailed insights into its development history, future plans, core business, and cutting-edge technologies. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the visitors showed great interest, actively posing questions that were answered satisfactorily.


In the afternoon, Professor Zheng, an expert in tropical diseases, conducted a seminar on the prevention and diagnosis of tropical diseases for the visiting study group. During the seminar, Professor Zheng delved into in-depth discussions, sharing his research findings and delivering a highly meaningful presentation. Not only that, but the company's R&D team also vividly demonstrated the principles and operating methods of the company's rapid diagnostic products. The visitors highly praised the speed, accuracy, and ease of use of the products.

Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd aims to leverage its expertise and utilize this training program as an opportunity to further enhance collaborative efforts in diagnosis and prevention techniques for tropical diseases, with a strong emphasis on comprehensive well-being. The company seeks to cultivate highly skilled professionals while fostering partnerships that contribute to the advancement of healthcare and technological development in developing countries.