Training Time for New Drug of Abuse Products

Today, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd successfully conducted a training session for their latest product designed for detecting drug abuse. The R&D team provided a detailed explanation of the fundamental knowledge related to drug definitions, as well as an introduction to the new products developed specifically for the current popular drugs. They carefully explained the advantages and innovative features of the new product. The training session was filled with enthusiasm, and the R&D team actively answered questions from the audience. The audience also provided valuable ideas for research and innovation.


Drug abuse is a serious and important issue in society, and it is crucial for everyone to be concerned about the safe and appropriate use of drugs. Overdosing can lead to serious problems. AllTest, for the well-being of society and individual health, is committed to providing rapid test solutions that cover a wide range of drugs, aiming to assist the healthcare and law enforcement industries.


AllTest remains committed to a continuous pursuit of research and development, fostering innovation, and striving to fulfill the requirements of their customers. In response to customer feedback, AllTest's research and development team continues to develop new rapid testing products while upholding exceptional accuracy and reliability.